Children's Chorus    

Aoide chorus

Singing in a chorus is an excellent way for a child to gain a musical education. Aoide Children’s Chorus develops vocal technique, performance skills and music appreciation in grades 2-12. 

We use Kodály and Solfege system to build the fundamental musical skill for choral singing. We discover the child’s natural singing voice carefully by weekly training. Our repertoire is chosen by performance themes, including folksong, pop song, cannon, rounds, etc. covering multiple languages. 

Through a Kodály music curriculum, choristers learn basic vocal techniques, sight- reading, treble clef note names and basic rhythms, as well as a free vocal production music theory, ear training, vocal technique, and performance skills. They learn to sing in two-, three- and four-part harmony with repertoire in many styles and languages. 

Our program includes weekly 1.5-hour rehearsals, half hour theory classes before each rehearsal, private or group voice lessons every other week. Our regular rehearsal holds at Hayward.

Formal concerts take place twice yearly; the chorus also has additional performances in the community.